The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Relax, Release, and Heal


About Us

We formulated this therapy practice around the understanding that each client is unique and benefits from individualized care. We do not believe in a one-size fits all modality. We are "non-traditional" psychotherapists and understand we live in a modern world. With this understanding, we make a great effort to influence higher consciousness, awareness, and healing through psychotherapy, holistic interventions, epigenetics & neurochemistry education.

 We are in full support and strive for clients to find their identity authenticity and self-actualization. We believe there is a great importance in helping clients build their inner resources, learn how to reorganize old patterns, and enhance their ability to effectively cope through challenging situations. 

We offer a safe, open, and non-judgmental environment for clients to adopt positive affirming constructs. Specifically,  we encourage all sexual expression and character development. We feel this is one of the beneficial ways to develop change. 


Specializing in Sexual Health/Dysfunction, LGBTQI, and Men's Issues. 

This therapy practice also caters to individuals, couples, and families with the following challenges:

Military Related PTSD 
Relationship Challenges
Gender Identity

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