Andre Lloyd

Board Licensed Master Social Worker LMSW

Psychotherapist | Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Marcus Graham

Board Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW

Clinical Director

Since 2009, Andre has worked in the family and criminal law sector, primarily with the Department of Family Services and the Superior Court system, as a case manager and paralegal. Andre has had the opportunity of working on complex civil, criminal, and domestic cases in the areas of child abuse and neglect, spousal abuse and neglect, child manipulation, end of life and criminal compliance.  This experience highlighted his growing interest for individuals impacted by their environmental stress.  Andre knew he wanted to connect with individuals on a deeper psychological therapeutic level. As a result, he is now a board Licensed Master Social Worker and Psychotherapist.

Andre's education allowed him to gain exposure from the clinical perspective, facilitating his response to individual’s psychosocial, emotional, physical, spiritual, and emergency intervention needs. He finds a great importance in helping individuals build their inner resources, learn how to reconfigure old patterns, and enhance their ability to effectively cope through challenging situations. He believes it is also important to support self-actualization and identity authenticity. Andre feels it is his duty to offer a nonjudgmental open atmosphere for expression, healing, and recovery. Andre continues to be positively influenced by the individuals he works with.  He is grateful to be a part of his client's  journey of self-determination, resiliency, and hope.  Andre gains personal fulfillment through this type of work and it has had a long-lasting impact on his life.

Marcus Graham has been a board Licensed clinician for over 10 years. Marcus was aware of his calling as he has been a Psychiatric Social Worker in multiple hospitals. Marcus is accustomed to handling emergency psychiatric needs for individuals and families. Over the years, Marcus's growing interest and self-evident gift for psychiatry evolved and developed. Marcus is now a MD Psychiatrist candidate in medical school.