Our Approach

No story, subject, or experience is off limits. We do not view anything as "taboo."

We specialize in Sexual Health/Dysfunction, PTSD related to Military Experience, LGBTQI, and Gender Identity.  We also cater to clients with Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, and Men's Issues. We acknowledge and care for cultural, sexual, gender, and political diversity.   

We incorporate a variety of psychotherapy methods, including cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, cognitive & mindfulness based awareness, and compassion & emotionally focused therapy.   We further our psychotherapy methods by educating and highlighting the epigenetic & neurochemistry process in the brain. We believe that learning the epigenetic & neurochemistry process will allow clients to gain the mind and body connection, resulting in greater psychological advancement. Furthermore, we utilize meditation, deep-breathing exercises, holistic interventions, and sound frequency therapy to stimulate the healing process. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are available to assist and connect with you through your journey.